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koperasi karyawan tunas sejahtera

Koperasi Karyawan Tunas Sejahtera is a prosperous employee co-operative based in Sanur, Bali.

Since its establishment in 2009, our co-operative has experienced significant growth. This is reflected in the increasing business performance and the results achieved, as presented in the co-operative’s financial statements. In carrying out its operation, our co-operative has implemented integrated IT-based work methods with the aim to:

Simpanan Sejahtera

Saving for the Future (SiMaPan)

Financial needs for retirement, providing education funds, and creating availability of funds for religious ceremonies


Time Deposits (Deposito)

Deposit money in an account for a required specific period of time with attracting an interest rate of 6% per year.


Felxible Savings (Tabungan)

Offers the flexibility to voluntarily deposit varying amounts at various times, with an interest rate of 4% per year


Pinjaman Sejahtera

Multipurpose Loan

To its members who have a fixed income for compulsory purposes


Vehicle Loans

For the purpose of purchasing motorised vehicles such as motorbikes and cars


Business Credit Loans

To members in order to assist business development in terms of capital


Best solutions
for our employees

Competitive interest rates

The monthly interest rate that we offer on our loans is very competitive with other commercial bank rates

Customised guarantee

The credit collateral / collateral required for the loan of funds can be adjusted according to the amount of credit proposed

Fast administration process

When our members apply for loans, we process the administration quickly and flexibly

We are proud to participate in supporting the economic welfare of our members

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active members
years of serving

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